In the autumn of 2018, at the request of the University’s President, the Board of Human Science revised the human science profile areas in order to make them more accurately reflect the activities within the academic area. The Board’s series of profile seminars will continue, and be supplemented in 2019 and 2020 by financial support to collaborations in research and education within the profile areas.

The human science profile areas

Profile area funding can be applied for in three different categories:

  • Research (e.g. project applications aimed at external funding agencies)
  • Education (new, interdisciplinary educational initiatives at first, second or third cycle level)
  • Collaboration (e.g. research or education collaboration with one or several external parties).

Calls for proposals

Two calls for proposals will take place in 2019. The first call was announced in June. The application deadline for the second call is  November 21*. The calls for proposals will be announced one month in advance. The applications will be processed by the Board of Human Science’s working committees for research, education or collaboration. The decision of granted funds is made by the Board.

This strategic investment is scheduled for 2019–2020 and embraces in total SEK 9 650 000. The Board will grant fixed standard amounts – approximately five pots à 100 000 per profile area. It is only possible to apply for these fixed standard amounts of 100 000 in each application.


The Board’s front page should be enclosed first in the application: Försättsblad till ansökan om ansökan om medel till samarbeten inom profilområdena (260 Kb) . The grant application should not exceed two A4 pages (excluding a short CV and budget). The application must be accompanied by a budget that clearly describes how the funds will be used. Salary funds should refer to actual salary costs, including social fees. Funding for overhead will not be granted.

Applications should be addressed to the Board of Human Science and submitted by e-mail to, with reference number SU FV-2.1.1-3186-19 in the subject header, by November 21*, 2019. The application should be signed by the Heads of the departments involved.

Forms of support

Financial support for interdisciplinary collaborations within the profile areas aiming at applications submitted to external funding agencies will be given priority (in particular EU funding and programme support). Support will also be given to collaborations aiming at initiating new interdisciplinary education initiatives.

The support may e.g. cover costs for workshops, meetings, international and national networks, as well as working time for preparing research applications and course proposals. Support will be provided for the build-up and initiation of new activities but not for continuous operations. Activities involving several departments – from different disciplines and, preferably, from different faculties – will be given priority when the decision of funding is made.

Granted funds

The granted funds will be paid once the decision has been made. These funds can be used for one year after the decision. A brief presentation of the result, as well as a financial report, should be submitted to the Board within a year after the decision. Unused funds should be refunded to the Board.

More information

More information about the assessment criteria for the applications etc. can be found in the pdf file Call for proposals_Funding within the profile areas Nov 2019 (107 Kb) .


* In a previous call for proposals the deadline December 1 was announced. Therefore applications will also be accepted after November 21 until December 1, but these applications will not be processed until February 2020.