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Environmental Research in the Human Sciences

The aim of this new initiative is to develop a strong collaborative network on environmental issues between the three faculties which make up the Human Sciences Area at Stockholm University: Humanities, Law and Social Sciences. The university realises that the human factors driving on-going global environmental change cannot be fully understood without a Human Sciences perspective. Underlying the alarming changes which receive so much publicity are socio-cultural practices, the economic systems in which we produce and consume resources, and the politico-legal structures which permit and prevent action around the world. The human sciences have a unique contribution to make towards understanding the diversity and history of these contributory factors, as well as towards analysing how necessary change can come about.

To advance the Human Sciences’ ability to fulfil this role, we aim to develop a forum to bring voices, ideas and research together in a dialogue that crosses the disciplinary boundaries in and around our area. This is the mission of our new initiative. Through the on-going research of our five recently-hired postdoctoral researchers and the cross-faculty activities which they are undertaking, we will create a network of internal dialogue that can speak to academics from all backgrounds, within and outside Stockholm University, as well as to governments, and to the citizens that are and will be affected by living in the Anthropocene.

Att motverka klimatförändringarna

Med den nya, tvärvetenskapliga kursen ”Att motverka klimatförändringarna” som startar i höst vill Stockholms universitet bidra till lösningar på klimatkrisen. Kursen är öppen för studenter från alla ämnesområden.

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