The activities serve to:

  • Identify and develop joint research questions and projects
  • Strengthen collaboration, internationalization and collaboration with various stakeholders
  • To create structures and conditions that ensure the longterm viability of this effort
  • Strengthening of research network
  • Research school in the Environmental Humanities
  • Initiate workshops and seminar series based on the collaboration efforts of post doctors within the project
  • To spread knowledge of and interest in environmental projects within the field of Human sciences

In 2018 we, among others, financed events such as a conference on  ”Exploring Drama in Teaching for Sustainability in Higher Education" and ”Slow violence and Environmental Resilience”, as well as a seminar series as part of the Stockholm University Environmental Humanities Network.

From late 2018, we are also funding five postdoctoral projects with a focus on advancing environmental issues in and between their specific disciplines.