As action on climate change continues to stall, people around the world are facing the unwelcome prospect of having to adapt to major environmental change. This symposium discusses how and indeed if this can happen, focusing in particular on the adaptability of local communities and socio-political structures. To facilitate the discussion, a number of speakers will present their own research on socio-environmental change, looking at an innovative range of historical and contemporary scenarios. However, these are just starting points and there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion on the day.


The venue, Wallenberglaboratoriet, is located in Lilla Frescati, on the west side of campus (cross over the railway and stay on the main central path up the hill.)

Free lunch and fika for those who attend! Places limited so please register here.

Alla är välkomna – studenter, lärare och allmänheten!

Outline schedule

10.00–10.10: Welcome address by Dr Eugene Costello

10.10–11.35: The Grand Challenge

Prof Poul Holm (Environmental Humanities, Trinity College Dublin)

Dr Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist (Climate History, Stockholm University)

11.35–12.20: Lunch and chat in Wallenberglaboratoriet

12.20–14.00: Responding to Rural and Urban Change

Dr Eugene Costello (Archaeology, Stockholm University)

Prof Anders Wästfelt (Human Geography, Stockholm University)

Dr Joost de Moor (Political Science, Stockholm University)

14.00–14.30: Fika and chat

14.30–16.00: Migration as Adaptation?

Prof Silja Klepp (Social Anthropology, Kiel University)

Dr Francesca Rosignoli (Political Science, Stockholm University)

Final Discussion