On September 4, 2019, Stockholm University became the first Swedish university to sign a global call for climate emergency. As Stockholm University thereby joins 150 other signing educational institutions this seminar queries what climate emergency should more precisely imply for research, education, and the impacts universities aim to have on societies. The seminar will facilitate an open and interdisciplinary conversation on how universities can help local communities and governments answer the call of climate emergency through presentations from researchers and students affiliated to Scandinavian universities and representing the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Confirmed speakers and discussants: Klimastudenterna, Hanne Svarstad(Oslo Metropolitan University), Jens Friis Lund (University of Copenhagen), Barry Gills (University of Helsinki), Roberta Biasillo (KTH), Ayşem Mert (Stockholm University), and Alasdair Skelton (Stockholm University).

3 December, 9:30-15:30, William–Olssonsalen, Stockholm University

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