Seminar description

Jesse van Amelsvoort will give an overview of his dissertation “Commonality and Worldliness: Literature, Language, and Belonging in Post-National Europe.” He argues that we should develop a worldly critique to analyse the work of writers who are minoritized along lines of language, culture, and ethnicity in contemporary Europe.

The dissertation analyses the work and authorship of six writers from Finland to Fryslân, and from Germany to Catalonia, who find themselves on the receiving end of these identity constructions. Unable to escape these discussions, their work can be read as an often ambiguous, sometimes antagonistic, and always situated engagement with national histories, reductive interpretations, and all-too-easy cosmopolitanisms. Their literary worlds ultimately evoke a post-national Europe of connections that is attentive to the plurality of worlds and identifications possible in the twenty-first century.

Jesse van Amelsvoort is a PhD candidate at the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân, the Netherlands, and a visiting researcher at Stockholm University during Fall 2020.


A limited number of seats are available in the library (room 300), and requires registration by sending an email to

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7 Oct 2020.

An introductory chapter draft will be distributed upon registration.

The seminar is organized by the Department of Culture and Aesthetics in cooperation with The Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch and German, and the Department of English.