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Information for Spring Semester 2020

Welcome to our department this coming spring semester. Here are a few things to think about before your courses start.

Frequently asked questions and answers for students starting a new semester at our department

Exchange students

All exchange students are welcome to visit exchange coordinator in January 20-24, 2020 during 13:00-15:00 PM (Frescativägen 24E, room 203), for the course selection, signatures, general advice etc. During the semester you can always book an individual appointment by sending an email to 

Departmental coordinator

Maarit Hämäläinen

Room: 203
Phone: +46 (0)8-16 14 71

If you are taking courses at other departments, you will have to register for these courses at the departments giving the courses. Each department have their own routine for this, so please contact the coordinators at the relevant departments for information on how to register. Here is a link to all the departments at Stockholm University:

If you are an incoming student from another department: It might still be possible to be placed in our courses. If you want to inquire about a course, please send us an email at: (after first checking with your receiving department that it is okay for you to take courses with another department).

International students

If you applied for a course through you will have recieved your acceptance letter via e-mail. You must have accepted your place on the course in order to keep it. You accept your place via the e-mail sent to you by If you made a late application you will recieve your acceptance letter after the second admissions round. If you have questions directly concerning your application, fees, missing documentation, please contact the admission’s office here at Stockholm University,, + 46 8 16 49 89. If you have already received a welcoming letter/e-mail from us at the department and have questions about courses or registration, you are welcome to contact us at:


If you applied through you register for your course online via webregistration. You must webregister in the period set for your course – or you will lose your place on the course. If you can not webregister, please contact the department,, before the last day for webregistration to not lose your place.

Here are the dates to register for Spring Semester 2020:

Swedish History of Ideas, 7.5 credits January 7 – January 20

Art, Architecture and Visual culture in Sweden, 7.5 credits January 7 – March 20

Performativity and Visual Culture, 7.5 credits January 7 – March 16

Swedish Literature, 7.5 credits January 7 – March 16

Arts and Formalisms, 7.5 credits January 7 – March 18

Curating Dramaturgy, 7.5 credits January 7 – one week after the course starts

Dramaturgy and Performance Analysis, 7.5 credits January 7 – one week after the course starts

Historiography of Performing Arts, 7.5 credits January 7 – one week after the course starts

Performativity, Body and Gender on Stage, 7.5 credits January 7 – one week after the course starts

Performance Studies, Focusing on Gender and Feminism, 15 credits January 7 – one week after the course starts

Learn more about registration

Schedule, syllabus, required literature etc.

All the information you need will be posted under each course tab. Read more about our courses and programmes

Swedish for International Students

International students may apply for Swedish language training on condition that you are admitted to studies at Stockholm University through an exchange programme or an equivalent agreement (scholarship, doctoral candidate, visiting reseacher). Learn more about Swedish courses.

Welcome to us this Spring Semester!

All of us at the department would like to welcome you to us this coming semester. You can find a lot of useful information in the links and files at the bottom of the page, and if you have any questions, please contact our Students Affairs Office

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Student Affairs Office

Mattias Arreborn
Room: 260
Phone: +46 (0)8-674 74 84

Our Students Affairs Office has no visiting and phone hours until further notice. Please contact us via email.

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