Meet our Students

Apartment house in Stockholm city. Photo: Katharina Deppisch

"The hierarchy is low at Stockholm University"

Art History student Katharina Deppisch experienced that the Swedish word "you" makes students feel on a same level as their professors.

Photo: Renée Isabel Hoevers

"The city is amazing"

Renée Isabel Hoevers studied Theatre Studies at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics and really enjoyed her stay in Stockholm.

Nadine, exchange students

"You get to interact a lot"

By having lively discussions and a fair bit of group work, Nadine Keller found it easy to interact when studying Swedish History of Ideas.

Exchange Student Juliette

"I fell in love with the city"

Theatre student Juliette van den Dorpel enjoyed both nature and city life during her stay in the Swedish capital.

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