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History of Ideas

History of Ideas is the most all-round field of study at the university – at least if you believe our students.

History of ideas deals with questions about how people understand themselves and the world around them. What conceptions they have about history and the present times, and what hopes they hold for the future. Almost all of the thoughts and ideas that are around us have historical roots. You could call history of ideas the history of creativity, since it is concerned with all the ideas that have created our world, or at least our perception of it.

Stranded encyclopedia. Photo: Magnus Hjalmarsson, Uppsala University Library

Exploring the unfinished encyclopedias

In a new publication, edited by Linn Holmberg, researcher in History of Ideas at the Department of Culture and Aestethics, and Maria Simonsen, University of Lund, forteen researchers explore the archives to uncover the history of the stranded encyclopedias.

Viktoria Fareld, docent och lektor i idéhistoria, Stockholms universitet. Foto: Sören Andersson.

"Entangled memories of violence", new article by Victoria Fareld

In a new article in the journal Memory Studies (16/2 2021), Victoria Fareld, associate professor in History of Ideas, Stockholm University, analyzes how the Austrian writer Jean Améry formulates his memories of the Holocaust in the contemporaneous situation of decolonisation.

Anna Källén, Institutionen för kultur och estetik.

Seeking proof for Viking identity in DNA

In a new study Anna Källén, Associate Professor and researcher in Heritage Studies at the Department of Culture and Aestetics and Daniel Strand, Uppsala University, have conducted interviews with fourteen persons who have taken DNA tests, and asked them about the desire to “be a Viking”. Did they see themselves as related to Vikings, to have a Viking heritage, or to be Vikings themselves? And which characteristics did they connect with their Viking identity?

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