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Theatrical Events

Applying a broad understanding of the concepts of theatre and performance, faculty members, including Ph.D. candidates, engage in research that stretches from spoken drama, performance art, children’s theatre, ballet and dance, opera and musical theatre, to cultural performances, virtual reality and computer games, intermediality, and role play. The performing arts and public events are considered equally deserving of a scholarly analysis using theories and methodologies from theatre, dance and performance studies.

The model of the Theatrical Event has been suggested by Willmar Sauter (2000 & 2006) as a particular methodological approach for a holistic study of theatrical productions and events. It encompasses audiences, performers, financial and organizational structures, in addition to cultural context. The Theatrical Event represents an attempt to bridge semiotics and reception studies while also taking the growing theatricalization of social life into consideration. Therefore, the study of cultural performances has, for a considerable time, been a core theme, and a number of research projects have dealt with, or are dealing with, the intersections of theatrical modes of expression, politics and social activism.

Sauter, Willmar. Eventness: A Concept of the Theatrical Event. Stockholm: STUTS, 2006.
Sauter, Willmar. The Theatrical Event: Dynamics of Performance and Perception. Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, 2000.


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