Photo: Julie Castelain
Foto: Julie Castelain

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The advent of the habit à la romaine in French spoken tragedy around 1650 was indebted to the court ballets. The characteristics of this costume type had been well established at least since the time of Louis XIII, since it was almost always used in the so-called grand ballet, the concluding group dance of any ballet de cour. The costume entered the spoken theater just before the rise of Racinian tragedy, affecting the actors’ use of gesture, deportment, etc.

Along the lines of experimental archaeology, the speaker has led a group of young actors and costume apprentices attempting to reconstruct four habits de tragédie à la romaine with the greatest possible exactitude in terms of shape and material. Our main goal has been to try them out on stage while using the corresponding bodily techniques of the time. The unusual combination of sources and approaches led to several new discoveries concerning the history of the theatrical costume as well as French seventeenth-century acting techniques.