In recent years, the concepts of media and intermediality have been widely used and explored in the Humanities. It has proved to be a rich and complex theoretical approach, often investigating relations between different media and modalities such as the visual, the literary, and the performative. Does this interest stem from a heightened awareness of the effects of materiality and mediality in the arts? Or does it follow from contemporary artistic practices, in art as well as in music, theatre, dance and literature? This one-day conference covers a range of subjects, approaches and time periods, highlighting the concepts’ flexibility. We seize the opportunity to explore a topic that mirrors the wide scholarly field of the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, one of the newest departments at Stockholm University and the largest within the Humanities.

If you would like to participate, the last day to register is February 5th, to


Individual paper presentations last 30 minutes, including 20 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes for questions/answers and discussion. Moderator: Professor Hans Hayden.

9:15–9:45            COFFEE

9:45–10:00          INTRODUCTION Professor Anders Cullhed, Stockholm University

10:00–10:30       Axel Englund, Debouchment and Debauchery: Neobaroque Stagings of Baroque Opera

10:30–11:00       Elina Druker, Stages of Consumerism: Mass Advertising and Ideology in the Early Twentieth-Century Children’s Literature

11:00–11:30       COFFEE

11:30–12:00       Anna Dahlgren, Flickering Illusions and Visual Stories

12:00–12:30       Sonya Petersson, Graphic Illustration: Concept and Mediality from the Point of View of Mechanical Reproduction in Nineteenth-Century Print Culture

12:30–14:00       LUNCH BREAK

14:00–14:30       Malin Hedlin Hayden, History in the Modality of Feminism

14:30–15:15       KEYNOTE SPEAKER Professor Mieke Bal. Lecture preceded by an open screening of the film Madame B at Auditoriet, Thursday February 11, 17:15–19:30.

15:15–15:30       DISCUSSION

15:30–16:00       COFFEE

16:00–16:30       Staffan Bergwik, Panoramic Visions: Sven Hedin in Himalaya

16:30–17:00       Erik Wallrup, Selma’s World: A Scene in Lars von Trier’s Dancer in the Dark

17:00–17:30       Daria Kubiak and Kim Skjoldager-Nielsen, An Exhibition for the Newcomer and the Connoisseur: Remediating the Intermedial Works of Hotel Pro Forma in the Discourse of Audience Development – Today’s Cake is a Log                 

17:30–17:45       CONCLUDING REMARKS Special guest Professor Jørgen Bruhn, Linnæeus University

17:45–18:00       DISCUSSION