Dagens seminarium är ett samarbete med det tvärvetenskapliga 1700-talsseminariet vid Uppsala universitet.

Nyes besök är ett samarbete med Institutionen för moderna språk vid Uppsala universitet med finansiering från Lilae – nätverket för litteraturvetenskap vid Språkvetenskapliga fakulteten.


To what extent can eighteenth-century innovations in stage dance be understood as part of the Enlightenment movement? Developments in other arts, from prose fiction to spoken theatre, have frequently been associated with principles of Enlightenment, and the very definition of this movement has broadened over recent years to encompass a variety of phenomena, so are there grounds to consider that dance is part of it?

How conscious of an Enlightened dimension to stage dance were performers and spectators ? The answers to these and other related questions help us understand why certain kinds of stage dance, notably but not exclusively the 'ballet d'action', provoked so much debate in the eighteenth century. They help us judge the importance of eighteenth-century innovations in stage dance, their contemporary impact and their influence on subsequent developments in stage art.