Sule Alan, EUI


Date: Tuesday 5 March 2024

Time: 13.00 – 14.30

Location: IIES Seminar Room

Managing Adolescent Behavior in the Classroom to Improve Learning: Lessons from a Classroom Management Program

We evaluate a classroom management program designed to foster a positive learning environment in disadvantaged middle schools. 
The program encourages teachers to shift the responsibility of establishing positive behavioral standards and eliminating disruptive behavior to students. 
Covering over 7,500 students from 127 middle schools in Bangladesh, we find that the program significantly improves classroom social climate, measured as enhanced cooperation, positive behavioral norms, a higher sense of belonging, and strengthened social support ties. 
We show that high-ability students are the primary beneficiaries of this improved social climate. 
This subgroup exhibits a significant improvement in academic performance, achieving higher scores than their untreated counterparts in math and language tests. 
Our study highlights the vital role of effective classroom behavior management in achieving high academic performance.