Meet IIES Graduate Student Stefan Hinkelmann

Stefan Hinkelmann

Stefan Hinkelmann joined the IIES as a graduate student from University of Queensland.

Hej Stefan, can you tell us a bit about your background?

- Hej! Well, my background is only as diverse as different lecture halls get, I guess. I started studying Economics at the University of Cologne, where I got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree and then I went on to The University of Queensland for another Master as well as to start my PhD. Now I am very happy to be here and have gotten the opportunity to join the IIES as a graduate student.

What research have you done in the past and what are your research interests going forward?

- I am, and have been for some time, interested in studying environmental economics from a macro-perspective. I would like to investigate more the economics of climate change as well as issues of sustainability and growth more generally. 

What you do think are the big questions in your field of specialization that we need to have better answers to?

- Clearly global warming is a pressing issue and is, at its core, an economic problem. Apart from understanding the economics of it better, I think it will also be crucial how we inform policy makers and design optimal and consistent environmental policy going forward.

How come you chose the IIES?

- My research agenda is mirrored in the work of Professor John Hassler and Professor Per Krusell here at the IIES. To work with these great academics is why I originally applied to visit the Institute. They are not only leaders in their academic field, but also create a great research environment for their graduate students.

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