Want to apply to the IIES?

The PhD Program in Economics at Stockholm University is a U.S.-style program with a total enrollment of around 70 graduate students.

The program combines first-year core courses in math, micro, macro, and econometrics with second-year courses covering a broad range of specializations. The program is fully international in its orientation and the vast majority of students go on the international economics job market during their last year; the track record in this regard is excellent. The program is broadly considered to be one of the very best in Europe.

The IIES does not offer a full PhD program and all our graduate students have completed the first two years of PhD studies elsewhere. We advertise for new graduate students to join us at the IIES once every year in the spring.

If you are interested in applying to the PhD program at Stockholm University, check out the website of the Department of Economics, where you will find more information about the Stockholm PhD program as well as how to apply.

PhD program in economics on the Department's web.


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