Evelina Linnros successfully defends her thesis

Evelina’s thesis “Essays on Fertility and Health” uncovers surprising connections between health issues and societal outcomes. 

Evelina and crowd at her defense

Her research highlights that infertility risk in Madagascar, driven by a parasite, leads to early marriages and childbearing; severe birth tears result in significant earnings loss post-childbirth, particularly for lower socioeconomic mothers; prenatal exposure to increased alcohol availability heightens midlife mental health disorders; and locust swarm exposure during pregnancy increases the risk of child stunting. These findings emphasize the importance of understanding the interplay between health, societal practices, and environmental conditions to inform better policy and healthcare decisions globally.

IIES Director Jakob Svensson at Evelina's defense

Maarten Lindeboom from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam kindly acted as opponent.

Evelina will take up a position as analyst in the healthcare sector at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SALAR (Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner, SKR).

Want to learn more about Evelina’s thesis? Click below to read it in its entirety.

Read Evelina’s thesis