Fredrik Paues successfully defends his thesis

Fredrik’s doctoral thesis “Essays on Housing Deregulation and Investment Behavior” explores Sweden's journey towards economic prosperity through housing reform, investment behavior, and identity capital.

Fredrik Paues and IIES Director Jakob Svensson at the defense.

He reveals that deregulating Sweden's strict rental housing market could yield significant welfare gains, with a potential annual benefit of 411 SEK per adult equivalent. The thesis highlights the nuanced dynamics of deregulation timing, showing varying preferences among stakeholders. Additionally, Fredrik examines investment behavior within Sweden's pension system, finding that cognitive and noncognitive skills significantly influence financial decisions. He also introduces the concept of identity capital, demonstrating its impact on individuals' reluctance to adjust investments based on changes in personal identity projects, thus offering a comprehensive understanding of Sweden's economic decision-making processes.

Fredrik Paues at his defense

David Domeij from Stockholm School of Economics kindly acted as opponent.

Fredrik will join The National Institute of Economic Research (Konjunkturinstitutet).

If you are curious about the details of Fredrik’s thesis, click below to download and read in its entirety.

Read Fredrik’s thesis