Podcast with Lars Calmfors on the universities' "third task"

Hear Calmfors together with Carl-Henrik Heldin (Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and Chairman of the Board for the Nobel foundation), David Sumpter (Professor of Applied Mathematics at Uppsala University) and Evelina Vågesjö (co-founder of Ilya Pharma AB) discuss the so called 'third task' of universities - spreading research and collaborating with society.

On 18-19 May SCAS (Swedish Collegium of Advanced Studies) at Uppsala University organized an interdisciplinary symposium - "Opening the Ivory Tower Wide".

In the podcast released after this symposium you can listen to the researchers personal thoughts on the importance of communicating their research to a wider audience, why they want to make their research known to a wider audience, their experiences from being in this limelight, and more. 

SCAS Talks - Opening the Ivory Tower Wide