Seminarium: Adam Lindqvist Wadstein


Datum: torsdag 15 december 2022

Tid: 10.00 – 12.00

Plats: Rum 435 / Zoom

På torsdag den 28 november presenterar Adam Lindqvist Wadstein sitt pågående projekt:

Shell-Fish Desires – Patterns of exploitation, utilisation and consumption of maritime fauna in Prehistoric Cyprus
This presentation is part of my ongoing project on maritime influences on Prehistoric Cyprus. My thesis examines evidence for maritime exploitation and the utilisation of marine fauna in the material culture of prehistoric Cyprus. My goal is to study maritime fauna beyond consumption as a food item and analyse material related to domestic, production, ritual and funerary contexts. This is done in order to determine if we can determine the sea as a source of influence on the Cypriot identity. I hope to gain insight into how the ancient Cypriots utilised the sea in their everyday life. I will begin with an overview of my thesis before presenting part of my material, specifically the burial contexts and then look over some thoughts and interpretations. Thousands of tombs have been excavated on Cyprus since the late 1800s, however, only a hand full seem to contain marine fauna to any extent. While this means it only makes up a rather small part of the total assemblage, it can hopefully shed some light on the usage of marine fauna in funerary customs.

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