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We offer courses and programmes within two main areas: Linguistics and Sign Language. On behalf of Karolinska Institutet, we also give courses within the Speech and Language Pathology Programme.

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Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Linguists study how languages are structured, the similarities and differences between the languages of the world, and how languages develop, change and disappear. The field also studies how people use language to communicate with each other and how children acquire their mother tongue. 

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Våra utbildningar

The Master’s Programme offers a comprehensive two-year course of study with a chosen specialisation in one of twenty different areas of inquiry. The programme aims at extending and deepening students’ knowledge within the chosen field of study, while strengthening the interdisciplinary knowledge of theory, research ethics, and research methodologies.

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Sign Language

We offer courses in Swedish Sign Language for Beginners, Sign Language Linguistics and Swedish as a Second Language for the Deaf. All courses are offered in Swedish Sign Language and Swedish and require documented proficiency in Swedish Sign Language and Swedish. Please see the Swedish page "Våra utbildningar" for more information.

Våra utbildningar


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