Nordiskt gerontologipris till professor Marta Szebehely

The Sohlberg Prize är det mest prestigefyllda nordiska priset inom gerontologi och ger en prissumma av 10.000 Euro. Priset delades ut vid öppnandet av den 25:e Nordiska Gerontogogikongressen i Reykjavik.


The Sohlberg Prize

From the Prize Motivation

“During the last decades, Professor Szebehely has built a strong research environment on eldercare at Stockholm University, and her initial collaboration with researchers in Social Work has been expanded into networks and collaboration that involve researchers from different disciplines from Nordic countries and later from countries worldwide.

Marta Szebehely has initiated and led a great number of comparative research projects which has put focus on important aspects of formal and informal care for frail older people and enabled international research collaboration.

Professor Szebehely is an outstanding researcher and an extremely generous and inclusive research leader. She is Sweden’s foremost researcher on home care for older people and a leading researcher on eldercare and care work more generally. She has led several large research programs, projects and networks. In addition to her academic publications, she is frequently called upon by the government, older people’s organisations, civil society organisations, unions of care workers, and media to contribute evidence to policy formulation and public debate about eldercare."

The Sohlberg Prize