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IVMSU - A national infrastructure for intravital and non-linear imaging

The IntraVital Microscopy Facility of Stockholm University (IVMSU) was created as one of the founding nodes of the National Microscopy Infrastructure of Sweden (NMI, http://nmisweden.se/), a VR- supported consortium of collaborative infrastructures for advanced imaging.

IVMSU is a national infrastructure for two-photon microscopy that supports intravital and non-linear light microscopy with open access to national and international users.

IVMSU is integrated into the new Experimental Core Facility for in vivo studies (ECF) and has capabilities to image a unique and broad range of living and non-living samples, operates under BSL2 standard that enables infection studies and offers technologies for long term experiments over multiple imaging sessions.

Available techniques:

Live and intravital imaging
Second/Third Harmonic Generation
Autofluorescence 2P measurements
Time-correlated single photon measurements (FLIM, FLIM/FRET))
Microspectroscopy (lambda/Lambda scan)
Calcium imaging
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching
CLARITY imaging

Sample spectrum: 

In vivo and in vitro studies on cells, tissues, organs
(Bio) material

Contact: ivmsu@su.se