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IVMSU - A national infrastructure for advanced bioimaging

Stockholm University has recently established a specialized imaging node for advanced two-photon Intravital Microscopy (IVM), which is integrated into the new Experimental Core Facility for in vivo studies (ECF). The Intravital Microscopy Facility of Stockholm University (IVMSU) is one of the nodes that form the Swedish NMI (http://nmisweden.se/).

IVMSU is an open access facility and is equipped for a broad range of IVM-applications that require both multi- and single-photon microscopy. The equipment enables imaging of the dynamics of biological processes at cellular and subcellular levels, in the native environment and at high resolution. The setup is suitable for in vivo and in vitro studies of model organisms, organs, tissue and cells. The unique design of the IVMSU facility allows the users to carry out IVM-studies that involve repeated microscopy sessions for extended periods of time. As an open-access facility, this makes IVMSU exceptional also in a European perspective. For further enquiries please e-mail: ivmsu@su.se.

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