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Forskarseminarium: Jaakkojuhani Peltonen


Datum: tisdag 12 april 2022

Tid: 13.00 – 15.00

Plats: Sal 435 / Zoom

Jaakkojuhani Peltonen, Tampere university, Martial masculinity and emotions in Roman society.



Martial masculinity and Emotions in Roman society
In my presentation I introduce my recent post doc research project. The overall goal of my study is to scrutinize how martial masculinity was constructed and maintained at different levels of Roman society. It combines three research topics: 1. masculinity (and gender more widely), 2. emotions and cultural mechanisms supporting violence, and 3. warfare. Since in ancient culture war was a playground for men we may easily get the impression that male aggressiveness and violent conduct were somehow an integral, intrinsic, or even a genetic part of masculinity. However, in my study I do not approach martial masculinity as an inevitable or natural aspect of society but as a socially constructed phenomenon. Because masculine values and behaviour are results of a learning process and institutionalized discourse, I analyze the ways gendered and emotionally motivated expressions, literary presentations and public spectacles “taught” Roman men to be violent and aggressive.

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