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IDÉHISTORIA: Högre seminariet, Adam Kjellgren lägger fram ett utkast till konferensbidrag


Datum: onsdag 19 maj 2021

Tid: 13.00 – 15.00

Plats: Online

Högre seminariet i idéhistoria vid Institutionen för kultur och estetik. Adam Kjellgren lägger fram ett utkast till konferensbidrag: Feminist perspectives on myth. The case of Simone de Beauvoir.

Hans beskrivning lyder som följer: "Feminist perspectives on myth remains a severely understudied topic, excluded from all major historiographical works on myth. This omission runs the risk of engendering partial accounts of the past, while it may simultaneously cause scholars to overlook arguments that remain highly relevant in the present. In order to address this lacuna and demonstrate the significance of studying feminist perspectives, I analyze the concept of myth developed by Simone de Beauvoir. It is an unfinished conference paper. The finished paper will be presented at a conference in June."

Kontakta ordföranden om du vill delta. Ordförande: Elisabeth Mansén.