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Seminarium: Bjarne Grønnow


Datum: onsdag 16 februari 2022

Tid: 15.00 – 17.00

Plats: Zoom

Bjarne Grønnow: Exploring UNESCO Cultural World Heritage in Greenland.

Bjarne Grønnow (National Museum Denmark) Exploring UNESCO Cultural World Heritage in Greenland: a discussion of ideas, set-up and preliminary results of the on-going Activating Arctic Heritage Project. 


The seminar presents and discusses the main research questions of the ‘Activating Arctic Heritage Project’ – a joint initiative between the national museums of Denmark and Greenland concerning the two recently appointed UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Landscapes in Greenland, Aasivissuit-Nipisat and Kujataa.
How can interdisciplinary research and local engagement contribute in concert to new insights, that enrich the UNESCO properties? How do the relations between the locals and their landscapes and ancient sites develop when personal heritage is turned into ‘world heritage’? From the outset, the ‘Activating Arctic Heritage Project’ has approached these topics and experimented with ways to anchor the new insights in the local communities.
The seminar also presents some of the discoveries and preliminary results from the nine interdisciplinary workpackages of the project during the last couple of years covering cultural and environmental historical topics as well as studies of preservation of sites and cultural layers.

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