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Start: Skrivgrupp för dig som skriver på engelska



måndag 24 januari 2022


10.00 – 12.00


Digitalt via Zoom

Skriver du på engelska och vill du utveckla ditt skrivande tillsammans med andra skribenter i en stöttande miljö? Då är skrivgruppen något för dig!

In the writing group meetings we discuss the challanges we have with writing, give feedback on each other's work and sometimes even write together. The aim of the group is to help the group members improve their writing skills and raise the quality of the writing they do for coursework and theses. A member of the Academic Writing Service is always present to provide support and answer questions.

This writing group is open to students doing thesis writing (at any level) or taking master's level courses in English. While no extra work will be required for the meetings, all participants are expected to attend the meetings regularly and share writing with the group each week. 

The meetings will be held via Zoom. To participate, you need to be a registered student at Stockholm University and you need to be logged in to Zoom with your university account. For more information on how to use Zoom, visit Serviceportalen.


The Academic Writing Service provides free support for academic writing and study skills to all students at Stockholm University. Find out about our services at

The Academic Writing Service