Working teachers, organisations, authorities and companies also turn to the University for further training and professional development courses. Our teacher education makes use of the latest research findings within the educational sciences as well as in all of the taught-subject areas. All of our teacher education programmes lay the foundation for further studies, giving students the possibility of going on to study at master’s or doctoral level.


A large number of departments at the University contribute to the teacher education programmes in different ways, with each specialisation coordinated by the relevant department.

The teacher education programmes consist of three parts.

1. Subject studies and subject didactics

Contains areas of knowledge related to the type of school you have chosen to become a teacher in. You will gain concrete expertise in pedagogy and didactics, as well as subject knowledge.*

2. Educational science

Contains areas of knowledge central to the teacher and preschool teacher professions, and you will study school as a pedagogical and didactic environment for pupils and teachers.

3. Teaching placement

Means that you will participate in the everyday workings of a school/preschool/day care centre. You will have the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge to practical use and train important skills in your role as teacher. In order to carry out the obligatory Teaching placement, you need to apply for a transcript of records from the police.

For our partner universities, we can offer opportunities for students and teachers within certain chosen courses to visit schools during their stay at Stockholm university. Another option for students is to do a regular Teaching placement. These opportunities are part of the courses we offer in English.

* Subject studies are not included in the Vocational Teacher Education Programme or the Bridging Teacher Education Programme (KPU). Advanced, relevant professional knowledge or completed subject studies are required for admission to these programmes.

Welcome to teacher education at Stockholm University!