Geir Skeie is Professor in religious education at the Department of Education in Humanitites and Social Sciences at Stockholm University.

About Geir

Geir has worked and lived in different parts of Norway before he started to work at Stockholm University about 8 years ago. He is married and has three children. Today, he commutes between Stavanger in Norway and Stockholm.

He thinks it is an inspiring challenge to try to better understand what happens to religions and worldview traditions today when there is increasing interest, conflict and ignorance about these issues in the public sphere. Often, religious elements are woven together with other values and practices in a way that makes it difficult to understand what is what. With all these diversities and intersections, it is challenging and interesting to discuss the role of education.    

For a long time the main emphasis in the religious education debate has been to focus on living together with diversity. This is important and interesting of course, but he would have liked us to focus a little more on the individual. What about researching how we develop and change our religious and worldview thinking and practice, and how we understand these changes? Does religion really have to be as private and sensitive as many say, or could it be further explored along these lines? How can schools approach this more personal dimension without invading peoples’ lives? This autumn we are having an interesting international conference about these issues.