IFSU is a Core Facility for light- and electron-microscopy at Stockholm University established in 2009. The facility offers services to users of advanced imaging at Stockholm University as well as other institutions. We provide hands-on training and advice for experimental set ups and guide users to the most suitable instrument for their specific project.

Instruments available:

  • TIRF/wide field fluorescence microscope (Zeiss)
  • Wide field Fluorescence microscope; CELL OBSERVER equipped for live cell imaging and microinjection (Zeiss)
  • Inverted fluorescence microscope DM IRB (Leica)
  • Workstations for image processing with SlideBook, Imaris, ZEN black and Zen blue
  • Transmission electron microscope, TECNAI G2 Spirit Bio TWIN, 120 kV (FEI)

Larval airways of the fruit fly Drosophila in two consecutive stages. Breathless-Gal4 driven moesin-GFP (green) monitors F-actin localization while DE-cadherin (magenta) marks apical adherence junctions. Note that transverse F-actin bundles develop within 1 hour of airway maturation. By courtesy of Chie Hosono, Dept. Molecular Biosciences Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm University