Daytime (08 - 17) Monday to Friday, the maximal reservation time allowed for one user is 4 hrs, and only two such sessions are allowed to be reserved at a time. During evenings and weekends longer sessions are allowed. However, be careful only to reserve the time you need.

The microscope users are highly requested to cancel reservation which you cannot make use of. This will allow for others to come in, and also prevent unnecessary run time of lasers and mercury lamps (which have finite lifetimes). Booked sessions must be started within 30 min after the stipulated time in the web booking calendar otherwise the microscope is free to be used by others. Please note that you will be charged for the first hour.

Clean the immersion lenses with the special lens paper after having finished a session, and sign the log-book with both yours and your group leader’s name (in readable style).

If there is a booked session starting within 1 hour after you, just log out and leave the lasers and mercury lamp, x-cite lamp or DG-4 on otherwise turn off. Everyone is responsible for his/her booking as well as for turning off the system when finished or after cancellation of a previously booked session.

The Confocal Microscopes

The Cell Observer/Live Cell System

The Electron Microscope