Frontiers in Molecular Life Sciences

Monday 5 September, 3 PM in the Lecture Theatre Q-Vivi Täckholm (in the new Arrhenius Labs)

By: Birte Höcker, University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, Germany

Title: Design of protein folds and functions

Natural proteins are very diverse and participate in virtually every cellular process.
We want to understand how these diverse structures and functions evolved and
how we can apply observed mechanism to problems of protein design. We use
bioinformatic tools to identify possible evolutionary links between protein folds
and use this knowledge to construct hybrid proteins from subdomain sized fragments,
thereby establishing a new design approach based on fragment recruitment. Complementary
to this approach are computational design strategies to design enzyme function or ligand
binding on existing protein scaffolds as well as the design of protein structures from scratch.
 I will also briefly touch on these topics and present about progress in this field.

Host: Jose Farias

If you would like to meet Birte Höcker, please, contact Jose Farias (