Rita Colwell

Professor Rita Colwell, University of Maryland, College Park, MD and Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD will be awarded an honorary doctorate at Stockholm University and will present a seminar at MBW on September 28th.

Dr. Rita Colwell is a microbiologist, widely recognized for her contributions to control the spread of cholera, a waterborne pathogen that infects three to five million people globally and leads to an estimated 120,000 deaths each year. Through her research, innovations, and 40 years of scientific leadership, she has defined many of the basic principles underlying our current understanding of the ecology of infectious diseases, and continues to advance technologies in the fields. Particularly relevant are the protocols for environmental and infectious disease risk assessment currently in use around the world. In recognition of her life-long seminal contributions in the field of Microbiology and by derivation, waterborne infectious disease prevention, the Faculty of Natural Sciences acknowledges Dr. Colweill.

Title: The Role of Standards in Integrating Environmental Microbiology and Human Health