Pelve, E.A., Martens-Habbena, W., Stahl, D.A., & Bernander, R. (2013). Mapping of active replication origins in vivo in thaum- and euryarchaeal replicons. Mol Microbiol. [Epub ahead of print].

We report mapping of active replication origins in thaum- and euryarchaeal replicons using high throughput sequencing-based marker frequency analysis. The chromosome of the thaumarchaeon Nitrosopumilus maritimus is shown to contain a single origin of replication, whereas the main chromosome in the halophilic euryarchaea Haloferax mediterranei and Haloferax volcanii each contains two origins. All replication origins specified bidirectional replication, and the two origins in the halophiles were initiated in synchrony while replication termination was asynchronous. The pHM500 plasmid of H. mediterranei is shown to contain a single origin, and the copy numbers of five plasmid replicons in the two halophiles were inferred to be close to that of the main chromosome. Origin recognition boxes (ORBs) that provide binding sites for Orc1/Cdc6 replication initiator proteins are identified at all chromosomal origins, as well as in a range of additional thaumarchaeal species. An annotation update is provided for all three species.