Graduate studies leading to a Ph.D. in Molecular Biosciences is offered at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute. Ph.D. positions are announced four times a year on this website, and on the webpage of Stockholm University and twice a year in the Swedish newspapers. Information regarding available projects and the application procedure are included in the announcements.

Ph.D. students are accepted to conduct research studies within a project run by a principal investigator heading an independent research group. For specified information prospective students are encouraged to directly contact the principal investigators working in the research field of interest. You can also visit BioResearch School's website for more general information concerning PhD-studies in biology at Stockholm University.

The Departmental/Institute Board formally appoints PhD students. The following provides a brief summary of eligibility requirements and application process.


Graduate studies in Molecular Biosciences requires a completed university degree at an advanced level and education corresponding to at least 240 Swedish credits (hp), including at least 120 hp in molecular biology, biology, chemistry or similar and complementary subjects. Candidates should have successfully completed courses at an advanced level in molecular biosciences (60 hp), of which 30 hp represent independent research project work.

Applicants who have completed the eligibility requirements established prior to July 1, 2007, i.e., at least 180 Swedish credits (hp), including at least 90 hp in molecular biology, biology, chemistry or similar and complementary subjects, are also eligible up until June 30, 2015.

Selection criteria

Successful applicants are selected based on documented theoretical and experimental knowledge relevant for the area of study, knowledge of scientific theory and method, analytical skills, personal motivation and team working skills. Well-developed English language skills are required. The applicants are encouraged to provide supporting documents that substantiate qualifications, e.g., knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. References and interviews will be used to assess qualifications of the applicants.

Decisions regarding acceptance are not subject to appeal.

Terms of Employment

Graduate student appointment corresponds to a total of four years of full-time studies. Students primarily focus on their own studies, but the study period is normally extended by 20% (amounting to an additional year) by a combination of teaching (5% mandatory at basic and master levels), research and administration. Typically students defend their thesis work after five years.

There are no tuition fees for PhD studies in Sweden. For more information about studies in Sweden visit Study in Sweden's website and's website specifically regarding PhD studies. Information in Swedish can be found here.

Finding housing

Find information here on how to arrange housing when studying at Stockholm University.