A degree work comprises most often 30, 45 or even 60 credits, an agreement can be reached with the supervisor. The work is normally experimental and a part of an ongoing research project. Further, the student is expected to attend to seminars and group meetings, read relevant literature and, at the end of the work, summarize the achieved results in a scientific report. The result of the work should also be presented by a seminar. Both the essay and the oral presentation should be in English.

Normally the work starts with the semester, but can be flexible in agreement with the
supervisor. Contact the Department of Biology Education (BIG), Svante Arrhenius väg 20 C (level 3) for further information of how to apply. Study counsellor at BIG is Birgitta Åkerman, birgitta.akerman@su.se, phone: +46-8-16 4070


More information about Degree Projects in Biology for Master's students