Getting started with email

Stockholm University has a central email service called Ebox (Microsoft Exchange). There are different ways to access your e-mail, see options below.

Outlook Web App (OWA) - ­

Recommended web browsers:
Windows - Internet Explorer, Firefox
OSX - Firefox , Safari
Linux - Firefox


Mobile plattform

This guide contains the data necessary to configure ebox (Stockholm University's central email system) on a mobile platform.

Settings for email and internet differs between phone models and brands. Visit the manufacturer's web site for support on how to do it on your phone.

Configure e-mail - iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


Set up an out-of-office reply

When you are on vacation or sick leave, you can set up automatic replies to messages sent to your email address. The link below contains instructions on how to do this in Stockholm University’s central email service called Ebox (Microsoft Exchange).

Instructions - Out of-office reply