It has now been four months since the MBW was born. The process of emerging has been going on for almost one and a half year. And still we have a journey ahead of us before we have settled all aspects of the new organization.  This newsletter is meant to keep all MBW staff informed of what happens and how things proceed. The ambition is to edit the newsletter every two weeks. Here is the first!

The MBW summer party June 12. On Wednesday June 12 starting from 17.00 there will be a summer party for all staff at the MBW. The party will be combined with the MWB pub. An invitation will be released during May. Make sure to book the date in your calendar so you don’t miss it!

Physical facilities for the MWB. “Lokalgruppen” has the assignment from the Departmental Board to oversee the physical facilities of the department. Lokalgruppen has made a mapping of all facilities, finding out that at present there are labs and offices that are not efficiently used. The group has presented an idea of how to be more efficient with the facilities. The Board will discuss the idea at the next meeting on May 30. More information will come after that.

Facilities for the secretariat. The offices of the administrative staff are now spread over the facilities of the MBW. The ambition is to create a secretariat which will be concentrated to one part of the facilities. Lokalgruppen has presented an idea for the location which will be discussed at the next Board meeting. More information will follow.

Yearly evaluation of graduate students. The evaluations shall continue as before and be organized within each of the old PhD subjects. The subject coordinators (ämnesansvariga) are responsible that this occur.

Next MBW pub May 17. Make sure to book Friday 17 for the next pub. The pub will have

Eurovision theme and start from 17.00. Invitation will be posted soon by the pub group.


/ Per & Lina