SU's wellness program includes the following offer and applies to all who are employed:

  • Healthcare Reimbursement 1500 kr / year. If you work only part of the year, you will receive compensation equal to the number of months you are working, for example. You work seven months, you get 7/12 Parts of 1,500 kr = 875 kr
  • Staff gym, costs 500 kr / year and will be deducted from the wellness reimbursement.
  • Fitness hour, one hour a week for full-time employees.
  •  Free workout in Frescatihallen for staff.

Receipts for wellness reimbursements shall be handed in to Beata Gillving. Receipts must be no older than 3 months and will apply the current calendar year. Detailed rules are available on SU Intranet here: