Everyone employed has a traveller profile with BCD Travel. However, all travellers must activate their profile before they can book a trip using the online tool. If you don't have a traveller profile please contact Gelana Yadeta, gelana.yadeta@su.se.

Log in to the online booking tool and select the “Profile” tab. Update your details and tick “Data Security” to allow BCD Travel to store the information. Once you have updated your profile, please log out of the tool and wait five minutes for the profile to synchronise. You may then log in to make a reservation.

See the following link for more information:           


Contact BCD Travel's Online Helpdesk
for technical problems or navigation issues

Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–18:00, ordinary working day
Telephone: +46 8 566 185 59
E-mail: clienttechnologysupport@bcdtravel.eu

Contact BCD Travel's Team Stockholm University
for questions about an existing reservation
Opening hours: Monday–Friday at 08:00–17:00, ordinary working day
Telephone: +46 8 555 128 96
E-mail: su@bcdtravel.se