Practical information for receiving guests

Since the administration of reimbursements to non-SU guests is slow and complicated, the aim is to arrange as much of the bookings within the SU system (which will be paid by invoices directly by

Transportation: Tickets shall be booked via BCD Travel, which SU has a binding contract with. Gelana Yadeta or  Birgitta Olsson will help booking the tickets. If you receive guests often, it is possible to get access to online booking for guests. Contact Gelana Yadeta to arrange that type of user profile.

Transfer to and from airport: Transfer by taxi to and from Arlanda airport can be pre-ordered and
paid by MBW directly (via invoice). Contact Gelana Yadeta to get information on how to book transfer, or help to book transfer.

Accommodation: Hotels that may be used can be found at . Hotels may also be booked
either via BCD Travel. Contact Gelana Yadeta or  Birgitta Olsson if you need assistance. In case the visiting guest wish to stay additional nights, not motivated by the program, these nights have to be paid by the guest.

Documentation of travel: When paying the invoices of tickets, accommodation etc., the MBW
Administration will need a copy of the program of the visit to attach to the invoice. In case, for instance, a visiting lecturer has stayed extra days for discussions or co-operation, this has to be described and the program attached to the invoice. The program should include names, titles and organisations of the participating persons.

Representation: The maximum amount for representation is 1000 kr/person. To minimize the handling of reimbursements, ask if the restaurant can send an invoice. Documentation needed to verify the receipt/invoice is: names, titles and organisation of all participants and a description of the purpose of the meal. No tipping will be reimbursed.

Meals: MBW cannot cover any meals or drinks at the hotel or at airports for the guest, except from breakfast, if included at the hotel.

Reimbursements: If you have had any expenses to be reimbursed, please fill in the form available on the MBW Intranet. Hand in the form to Beata Gillving at the MBW Administraion. Please note that we need the original receipts and that only expenses verified by receipts can be reimbursed.