MBW is the nominating department and host for Professor Sandra Schmid, who will receive an Honorary Doctorate from Stockholm University at the annual academic graduation ceremony in the Stockholm City Hall on Friday, Sept 25.

Accompanying Sandy to Stockholm is husband Professor William Balch, also a very influential and distinguished cell biologist. Sandy and Bill share an intense interest in intracellular protein traffic. Bill’s laboratory investigates early events of the mammalian secretory pathway, i.e., processes occurring in association with the endoplasmic reticulum. Sandy’s research is focused on later events of the mammalian secretory pathway, in particular the mechanisms underlying vesicle-mediated transport between the Golgi and plasma membrane.

The opportunity of having both of these great scientists visiting MBW prompted the organisation of a mini-symposium entitled “Protein Trafficking in Eukaryotic Cells.” This symposium will take place between 15:00-17:00, Wednesday, Sept 23 in the Hans G Boman sal (G-salen).  Bill and Sandy will present back-to-back seminars. A reception will follow (open to all symposium attendees). Please see the attached announcement.

You are all welcome!