Within this research area, we study molecular mechanisms in infection and immunobiology. The aim is to identify and characterize, at the molecular level, components and processes that participate in host-microbe and host-parasite interactions, as well as cellular interactions within the host and interactions between microbes, and to investigate how these processes influence the organism as a whole.

The following research groups work within this research area:

Johan Ankarklev
Host-Parasite Interactions during Malaria Transmission

Antonio Barragan
Infection Biology of Host-Parasite Interactions

Noushin Emami
Behavioural/Infection biology of vector borne diseases

Ylva Engström
Regulation of innate immunity in Drosophila

Ann-Beth Jonsson
Bacterial infection and host response

Anders Nilsson
Evolution of bacteriophages and phage therapy against multiresistant bacteria

Eva Sverremark-Ekström
Immune maturation and allergy development in relation to early-life microbial exposures

Anna-Lena Spetz
Innate immunity against virus infections

Ulrich Theopold
Insect physiology and innate immunity