The following research groups work within this research area:

Tore Bengtsson
Adrenergic receptors, intracellular signaling, glucose homeostasis, skeletal muscle, fat

Qi Dai
Molecular control of neural cell fate specification

Anders Jacobsson
Fatty acid synthesis, ELOVL, PUFA, lipid metabolism, fertility

Martin Jastroch
Integrative Physiology of Mammalian Energy Metabolism

Susanne Keipert
Mammalian energy metabolism

Mattias Mannervik
Transcriptional chromatin, epigenetics, embryo patterning, transcriptional co-regulators genome-wide

Jan Nedergaard
Brown adipose tissue: function and significant

Christos Samakovlis
Epithelial development, wound healing, airway maturation

Stefan Åström
DNA double stand breaks, mating type, sexual microbiota, helpesvirus, allergy