With in this research area we study fundamental life processes occurring in eukaryotic, bacterial and archaeal cells. The aim is to  achieve a thorough molecular understanding of the cellular components that facilitate these processes, elucidate the underlying functional mechanisms, and gain a full appreciation for how these processes contribute to the organism as a whole.

The following research groups work within this research area:

Claes Andréasson
Molecular chaperones, protein folding, synthesis and degradation

Sabrina Büttner
The interplay of Ca2+ homeostasis and vacuolar function in ageing and age-associated disease

Marc Friedländer
Computational RNA Biology

Nelson Gekara
Immune regulation

Siamak Haghdoost
Genetic and molecular toxicology group

Kristina Jonas
Bacterial cell cycle control

Ann-Christin Lindås
Cell cycle regulation in arhaea

Roger Karlsson
Cell motility and the microfilament system

Per Ljungdahl
Nutrient sensing and polytopic membrane protein biogenesis

Neus Visa
Quality control of mRNA biogenesis and chromatin structure in eukaryotes

Andrzej Wojcik
Radiation biology

Marie Öhman
RNA editing in mammalian organisms especially the brain

Ann-Kristin Östlund-Farrants
Chromatin remodelling and RNA processing in eukaryotes