Publications Cannon

Author Title Year
Petr Zouhar, Gunaj Rakipovski, Muhammad Hamza Bokhari,
et al.
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Francisco García-Carrizo, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard,
et al.
Regulation of thermogenic capacity in brown and white adipocytes by the prebiotic high-esterified pectin and its postbiotic acetate 2020
Alexander W. Fischer, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Leptin : Is It Thermogenic? 2020
Barbara Cannon, Jasper M. A. de Jong, Alexander W. Fischer,
et al.
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et al.
Human brown adipose tissue is phenocopied by classical brown adipose tissue in physiologically humanized mice 2020
Jan Nedergaard, Yanling Wang, Barbara Cannon
Cell proliferation and apoptosis inhibition : essential processes for recruitment of the full thermogenic capacity-of-brown-adipose-tissue 2019
Alexander W. Fischer, Christian Schlein, Barbara Cannon,
et al.
Intact innervation is essential for diet-induced recruitment of brown adipose tissue 2019
Ineke H. N. Luijten, Helena M. Feldmann, Gabriella von Essen,
et al.
In the absence of UCP1-mediated diet-induced thermogenesis, obesity is augmented even in the obesity-resistant 129S mouse strain 2019
Claudia Dittner, Erik Lindsund, Barbara Cannon,
et al.
At thermoneutrality, acute thyroxine-induced thermogenesis and pyrexia are independent of UCP1 2019
Ineke H. N. Luijten, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Glucocorticoids and Brown Adipose Tissue : Do glucocorticoids really inhibit thermogenesis? 2019
Ineke H. N. Luijten, Katie Brooks, Nathalie Boulet,
et al.
Glucocorticoid-Induced Obesity Develops Independently of UCP1 2019
Jasper M. A. de Jong, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Promotion of lipid storage rather than of thermogenic competence by fetal versus newborn calf serum in primary cultures of brown adipocytes 2018
Alexander W. Fischer, Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Optimal housing temperatures for mice to mimic the thermal environment of humans : An experimental study 2018
Gabriella von Essen, Erik Lindsund, Barbara Cannon,
et al.
Adaptive facultative diet-induced thermogenesis in wild-type but not in UCP1-ablated mice 2018
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et al.
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Alexander W. Fischer, Irina G. Shabalina, Charlotte L. Mattsson,
et al.
UCP1 inhibition in Cidea-overexpressing mice is physiologically counteracted by brown adipose tissue hyperrecruitment 2017
Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
What Ignites UCP1? 2017
Maria Rohm, Michaela Schäfer, Victor Laurent,
et al.
An AMP-activated protein kinase-stabilizing peptide ameliorates adipose tissue wasting in cancer cachexia in mice 2016
Marie S. Isidor, Sally Winther, Astrid L. Basse,
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An siRNA-based method for efficient silencing of gene expression in mature brown adipocytes 2016
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No insulating effect of obesity 2016
Alexander W. Fischer, Carolin S. Hoefig, Gustavo Abreu-Vieira,
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Leptin Raises Defended Body Temperature without Activating Thermogenesis 2016
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Reply to letter to the editor : at thermoneutrality, neither the lean nor the obese freeze 2016
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et al.
A stringent validation of mouse adipose tissue identity markers 2015
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et al.
Adrenergically-stimulated blood flow in brown adipose tissue is not dependent on thermogenesis : Regulation of brown adipose tissue blood flow 2015
Irina G. Shabalina, Tatiana V. Kramarova, Charlotte L. Mattsson,
et al.
The Environmental Pollutants Perfluorooctane Sulfonate and Perfluorooctanoic Acid Upregulate Uncoupling Protein 1 (UCP1) in Brown-Fat Mitochondria Through a UCP1-Dependent Reduction in Food Intake 2015
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et al.
Cidea improves the metabolic profile through expansion of adipose tissue 2015
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In vivo levels of mitochondrial hydrogen peroxide increase with age in mtDNA mutator mice 2014
Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon
The Browning of White Adipose Tissue : Some Burning Issues 2014
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et al.
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ROS production in brown adipose tissue mitochondria : The question of UCP1-dependence 2015
Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon
UCP1 mRNA does not produce heat 2013
Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon
How brown is brown fat? : It depends where you look 2013
Naja Zenius Jespersen, Therese Juhlin Larsen, Lone Peijs,
et al.
A classical brown adipose tissue mRNA signature partly overlaps with brite in the supraclavicular region of adult humans 2013
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et al.
UCP1 in Brite/Beige Adipose Tissue Mitochondria Is Functionally Thermogenic 2014
Sam Virtue, Helena Feldmann, Mark Christian,
et al.
A New Role for Lipocalin Prostaglandin D Synthase in the Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue Substrate Utilization 2013
Andrew J. Whittle, Stefania Carobbio, Luis Martins,
et al.
BMP8B Increases Brown Adipose Tissue Thermogenesis through Both Central and Peripheral Actions 2012
Valentina Gburcik, William P. Cawthorn, Jan Nedergaard,
et al.
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et al.
Recruited vs. nonrecruited molecular signatures of brown, “brite,” and white adipose tissues 2011
Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Neither brown nor white 2013
Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Yes, even human brown fat is on fire! 2013
Barbara Cannon, Jan Nedergaard
Nonshivering thermogenesis and its adequate measurement in metabolic studies 2011
Jan Nedergaard, Barbara Cannon
Brown adipose tissue: development and function 2012
Jan Nedergaard, Tore Bengtsson, Barbara Cannon
New Powers of Brown Fat : Fighting the Metabolic Syndrome 2012
Pernille Keller, Valentina Gburcik, Natasa Petrovic,
et al.
Gene-chip studies of adipogenesis-regulated microRNAs in mouse primary adipocytes and human obesity 2011
Barbara Cannon


Barbara Cannon, Professor emerita

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Svante Arrhenius väg 20C
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Stockholm University
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