Research projects

Establishment of epigenetic landscapes

Epigenetics can be defined as non-genetic changes that are transmitted through cell-divisions. Epigenetic patterns of histone modifications contribute to the maintenance of tissue-specific gene expression, but little is known about how such patterns are initially established during early embryo development. We investigate how the three germlayers mesoderm, neuroectoderm, and dorsal etoderm come to differ in their epigenetic patterns in response to the Dorsal morphogen.

Transcriptional coregulators

In this project we identify and characterize transcriptional coregulators. Coregulators are proteins that themselves do not bind to DNA, but that facilitate communication between sequence-specific transcription factors and the basal RNA polymerase machinery. One function of coregulators is to modify the structure of chromatin, by acetylating (coactivators) or deacetylating (corepressors) histones.

Mattias Mannervik


Mattias Mannervik, Professor

Visiting address:
Svante Arrhenius väg 20C
Room E331

Postal address:
Stockholm University
Department of Molecular Biosciences,
The Wenner-Gren Institute
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Telephone: +46 8 16 1565

Group members

Sergey Belikov
George Hunt
Alexander Pfab
Isabel Regadas
Suresh Sajwan
Roshan Vaid