In this the offer, Vinnova will fund projects that investigates policy and behavioral issues that accelerate the transition to a bio-based and/or circular economy, to strengthen the conditions for realizing this goal.
We turn to stakeholder constellations (>3 legal entities) that want to investigate policy and behavioral issues that facilitate the transition to a circular and/or biobased economy, in a national as well as an international context. These may be wide-ranging factors that need to be elucidated and evaluated, such as business models, laws, policies, regulations, certifications, standards, work organization and processes, incentive structures, consumer behavior or instruments. Project funded are expected to highlight factors that hinder or otherwise promote transition.

Deadline: 27 Feb at 2 pm
Funding: 1 million SEK
Maximum support level: 80 %
Maximum length of project: 12-15 months
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