For the fourth consecutive year, the Swedish Institute in Paris and the French Institute in Stockholm call for applications for the residence Eva De la Gardie (first woman elected to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) in Paris from November 1st to 29th 2019 (firm dates). This new call comes after 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions which rewarded respectively Lena Maria Nilsson, doctor in medical science at Umeå University, Ulf Johansson, curator of birds at the National Museum for Natural History in Stockholm and Nicolae Paladi, doctor in cybersecurity at Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

Eva De la Gardie’s residence is open to anyone:

  • holding a PhD
  • exercising a research activity in a Swedish institution (university, research institute…), with no condition on nationality
  • having a research project in relation with France, or who already have contacts in France (either with universities or private companies) and who wish to develop long-term collaborations such as research projects, European networks, double degrees, technology transfer, set up students or staff mobility, etc.

Eva De la Gardie’s residence consists in:

  • Provision of accommodation, for the fixed duration of 28 days from November 1st to 28th, by the Swedish Institute in Paris. The accommodation consists in a full equipped studio with two beds inside the Hôtel de Marle, located in Le Marais (
  • the French Institute grants 1500€ for transportation from Sweden and in France and for daily expenses

The candidates:

  • must fill a form to describe their research project and explain in detail the contacts (organisms, teams, individuals) they have and/or wish to develop in France.

The laureate:

  • will have to write a report resuming his visit in France at the end of his journey
  • may be solicited by the French and Swedish institutes for actions to promote scientific and technical culture (public conference, interview…).


The application must be in English on the online form
The results will be communicated at the latest the 17th of May 2019.


For any questions please contact