PAR Foundation (The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance) is targeting support to projects that prevent infections in elderly in a new grant call. The elderly population is increasing globally, and this is a driver for antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance. Elderly persons are generally more susceptible to infections, and infections in elderly are also more difficult to diagnose because symptoms are different. Furthermore, knowledge and guidelines for optimal drug use for elderly are lacking, in part because clinical trials typically focus on a single condition and on young people. These trials therefore give limited guidance for treatment of elderly with commodities.

About the grant call

The grants will fund research, information projects, and/or educational projects that can prevent infections among elderly. Cross-disciplinary and behavioral science approaches are encouraged, as well as projects that have high relevance for low- and middle-income countries.

Research institutes, non-profit organizations, or individuals can apply. There is no geographical boundary, we accept applications from anywhere in the world.

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About PAR Foundation

PAR Foundation (The Foundation to Prevent Antibiotic Resistance) is an independent grant-maker that was founded in 2017 and grants financial support for research, information projects, and educational projects:


Cecilia Tilli, Secretary-General